Get Higher Engagements and Conversions With Laser-Focused B2B Content

If you’re a marketer or small business owner in the B2B space, your goals may include: 

  • getting more quality leads and conversions
  • optimizing for brand awareness and web traffic
  • competitiveness on the search engine results page (SERP)
  • conveying benefits to your target audience
  • differentiation from your competitors.

Digitally-driven content can help you achieve those goals. Success is conveying to your B2B audience how your product or service can improve their productivity, increase their profitability, or reduce their costs.

I’m a B2B writer and content marketer. For the last 3 years, I have been crafting digital marketing content and copy to help businesses increase their brand outreach, sales, and ROI — enabling them to achieve their marketing objectives.

As your writer, I can help your B2B business gain traction via multiple verticals – web search, social media, and mobile. Together, we can offer useful and engaging content to your B2B buyer to educate and facilitate them in their purchasing process.

How I can Help You…

77% of B2B buyers think the buying process is time-consuming and painful. Provide useful content that makes your prospect’s buying process easier.

You want a qualified B2B writer for hire — one who writes copy and content built around the Pillars of Persuasion.

My content writing can help your business:

  • get more online visibility
  • build trust, credibility, and authority
  • engage customers
  • increase quality leads

My copywriting can help your business:

  • promote your product/service
  • increase customer conversions
  • leverage your USP effectively

As your B2B writer for hire, I can create varied marketing collateral to boost your business. This includes:

Website Pages – I build efficient website copy for an efficient business

Customer Case Studies – ‘Cause your customers’ stories are gold for your business

White Papers – Use this ‘hidden’ tactic to persuade your prospects

E-Books – Leverage these ‘Bait’ pieces to capture or boost lead generation

Content Marketing – Cut through the noise with relevant, high-quality B2B content

My exposure as a B2B writer for multiple industries helps me get your goals. So, no hand-holding or explaining what needs to be done and how.

Industries I Write For…

I’m B2B writer and create digital and persuasive content that gets you results. Writing for the following industries get my creative juices flowing:

  • HEALTHCARE – Helping healthcare products and service providers reach more prospects and increase brand awareness.
  • TEXTILE – Thread Counts and Core-Spun Yarn, need I say more?
  • FOOD – Following the latest trends in Food marketing via social media, SEO and mobile ads.
  • HOSPITALITY – The content is written around increasing revenue and improving customer experience; key elements that help boost leads and sales.
  • FURNITURE– My writing can help you get the right online presence, expand your brand reach and convert prospects to paying clients.

If your business is in one of these industries, and you need content,

What Others Are Saying…

These lovely people have something to say and I’m blushin’…

It’s rare to come across a talented copywriter like Hania! I have been working with Hania for more than a year now where I hire her services for B2B copywriting, mainly for website and company profile. She has so far completed dozens of flawless projects. I am particularly impressed by Hania’s ability to handle tough … Continue reading Laila Bilal – Co-founder Creative Nigari

Laila Bilal – Co-founder Creative Nigari

Hania is a very professional B2B writer and her core strength is corporate writing, brochures and website copy. I would recommend her without any second thought!

Bilal Ahmed – Founder CreativeNigari

“Hania is skilled, energetic and has a number of years worth unique experience in editing and proofreading. No matter the nature of your work or how it looks. Whether your manuscript is relatively well written or poorly written, Hania has a great quality to edit your book according to international standards. She was passionate, focused and … Continue reading Mustofa Getahun – Author

Mustofa Getahun – Author

“Hania is a great content creator, loved working with her, a very dedicated, humble, honest, sincere and meticulous writer. I strongly recommend her for any content writing project. Thank you, Hania for doing such a great job for us!”

Nazim Maroof – Adin Studios

“Hania is extremely professional and committed to solving her clients’ problems. Even after the project was finished and the amount paid, she came back to help me and even wrote the email series for me, proving her commitment to serve. She guided me with what I needed when I wasn’t clear about things. In terms … Continue reading Felix Tay – Badger Fitness

Felix Tay – Badger Fitness

” Perfectly written and very detailed. Fast and correct work. Great good!! ”

Scott Girardin – Alumni Productions

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