These 5 reasons will ensure you never start anything without Bismillah


While going through ideas to write, it only seemed (fit and fair) to start with this as my first blog post EVER!

Being a Muslim who wants to be productive and strives to share this expertise with all my readers, my primary objective is to make my words as easily readable as possible so that all of you can benefit from my posts.

From a young age, we were taught to begin everything with our Lord’s name to invoke His Blessings and Mercy in everything we do henceforward.

Today, let’s break it down and see its literal meaning along with a few of its countless benefits.

Bi / smillah / irRahman / irRaheem

(Begin) With Allah’s name, The Most Merciful,        The Continuously Merciful.

We begin (this task) in the name of our Lord, who is the Most Merciful, meaning there is no one more merciful than Him. His Mercy is infinite, it knows no bounds.

But also He is Continuously Merciful, which means His mercy NEVER ceases. No matter what we do. Whether we are obeying or disobeying Him, submitting or not submitting to Him. His leniency does not depend on our actions. It is without interruption or gaps. SubhanAllah.

Now that we have the literal meaning sorted out, let’s look at how it can be beneficial to us if we incorporate it in our daily lives.

*Here I would like to invite all my non-Muslim readers to try it too.*

An entire day full of blessings comes with saying it before you get out of bed in the morning

Nothing like starting your day on the right note. Beginning your day with a positive energy brings you in a productive mode and you get more done than you had anticipated as a result of that affirmative start of your day.

Bismillah does just that! It is a small yet truly powerful phrase to jump-start your day with a positive mindset while gaining you immense blessings and benefits from your Lord.

Among-st its many advantages, the foremost is when you start your day with Allah’s name, you are unconsciously, asking for his blessings and protection throughout the day that lay ahead of you. Also you are acknowledging that He is the supreme authority who can keep you safe from all the harm that could come to you in the span of that day and THAT gives you humility.

Gain reward the entire time you’re wearing it by saying Bismillah before donning your attire

After getting out of bed, the first thing we (well most of us) do is change our clothes. It is a great practice to say Bismillah before you change the clothes you are (likely) to stay in for the rest of the day.

The benefits of this practice outshine its little (almost none) effort. You will definitely stay in the protection of the Lord while simultaneously getting reward the entire time you’re in those clothes.

It will also serve as a reminder to us that whatever we wear and own is from Him and that feeling helps us stay modest.

Get proper nutrition from your food by saying it before eating or drinking

It is highly advised and preferred to follow this practice before eating every meal or even snacking between meals. Saying it before drinking water or any beverage also has innumerable benefits for the body and the soul.

This is a great way to bless the food that is about to enter your system. It makes it a means to purify your inner self when Allah’s name was taken before/upon consuming it.

Needless to say, that food will provide you with the best nutrition and cleanse you off any disease(s).

Bismillah blesses your house upon reading it before exiting or entering it

Reading Bismillah before you’re heading out of your house has two major benefits. It provides you protection from the harm and evil of the outside world.

We may feel safe when we are home but clearly exposing ourselves to the world puts us at a risk and exposes us to whatever immorality there is out there.

Second, it safeguards your home while you’re away, from evil that might lurk or dwell there in your absence.

To bless your work at office or school / college

It is easy to get distracted as soon as you reach your office / school / college and start the seemingly unending rickety racket of your day. Before your work starts to get the best of you, begin by saying Bismillah and you are bound to see its positive impact and changes in your professional (or personal) growth.

Once you get in the habit of reading it before starting your day at work, you will surely see an upward progress trend in your career. That will undoubtedly drive you towards practicing this ritual regularly.


There is an extremely easy rule behind achieving these tremendous professional and personal successes. The use of Bismillah before we begin anything is an easy habit to acquire and can become almost like a reflex action once you get in the groove of it.

As I mentioned earlier, even my non-Muslim friends are encouraged to try to incorporate this simple rule in their daily practice and get maximum benefit from their day. God Willing.

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