It is no surprise that providing great customer experience is the topmost exciting business opportunity for B2B businesses in 2020. And when you hear experts like Toma Kulbytė at Super Office say:

Investing in Customer Experience initiatives has the potential to double your revenue within 36 months.

then you want to really work on improving your customer’s experience. And then cash in on these satisfied and happy customers, right? Because happy customers = growth opportunity for you and your business.

Introducing, Customer Case Studies.

What Are Customer Case Studies?

Customer case studies (also called customer success stories) tell your prospects how your product/service solved a problem for an existing client. This problem(s) of your existing client will be similar to the problem(s) faced by your prospects.

This way, these customer case studies based on experience, become the ‘Before and After’ fairytales of your product or service. They literally have the power to make your product, service or business shine. A treasure trove to use when you want to boast about your business services.

They are the single marketing piece that your prospects want to read somewhere between the time they are ready to make a buying decision and when they actually buy. So, customer case studies can be written to place just before the let’s-hit-the-buy-button moment.

Hence, it would be a smart decision to leverage these straight into your business marketing model and make the most of this inconspicuous mode of selling.


Being able to write stories on how a customer was encountering a problem, how they found your business and how one of your products/services overcame their dilemma is your #1 asset.

It will be an ongoing cycle of continued sales success if you could use these stories to your advantage. Imagine, a single happy customer = sale. You write a story about him that attracts another 10 prospects = more leads and continued sales. You write another 5 customer success stories from them. And so forth… Catch my drift?


But the best part is, they’re amazingly entertaining to read. Unlike other marketing materials, reading a customer case study feels like reading a story. It’s based on a typical format of a best-selling short story — Opening, Problem, Resolution, Result (ending).

Being fun to read is the reason case studies work remarkably as a B2B marketing strategy. But there are two additional reasons they help prospects make a decision to buy a product or service:

#1 We’re naturally drawn to stories

An experiment by Time delves deep into human psychology. It highlights how storytelling is a powerful means of asserting our social standing. Can you date back your own obsession with stories?

Experts at Big Think say, we are drawn to stories, even as babies.

This shows that our lifelong love for storytelling begins from the time when we are mere babies.

Listening to our parents narrating us stories of kings and nobles, fairies and monsters, wolves, horses, ducklings, and bears, while we cooed in their warm laps on the rocking chair…

How’s THAT for some storytelling!

It is this irresistible, undetachable bond that nestles its way into our older years — and makes customer success stories such an interesting read for later, professional years of our lives.

For your reader, it’s not just another piece of marketing material. For them, it’s a story of another person’s journey from problem to solution. A story where your product/service is the hero.

For you, that’s pure gold. 


Therefore, engaging well on this human instinct; the connection that humans possess since birth will make your product shine.  It will also drive organic traffic to your website and results for your business.

#2 They’re excellent credibility builders and boosters


Ever wondered why it is X times easier to buy or refer a product others have already reviewed positively?

There is no wonder there. Again this is a natural, human instinct.

Heck, we don’t even buy sports gear without scouring through a few reviews on Amazon. Surely B2B buyers can’t be expected to invest in expensive products without some digging of their own.

And it would be a wise, pre-emptive step to provide these business buyers with those customer success stories clearly placed on your websitewithout them needing to do any digging at all?

Feel me?

According to a survey on Econsultancy, customer experience (which in turn means their success stories) are rated by a whopping 41% companies as the primary path for organizations to differentiate itself from competitors in the future.

Customers trust each other more than they trust brands.

By displaying how you have helped ease the challenges of your existing clients, you are building and boosting trust with future prospects.

Based on the prospect’s findings via a simple, well-written, customer success story, you’re encouraging them forward on their path to convert.

Converting doubts into certainty. Converting prospects to clients.

But not just any customer success story would convert


In a recent study on companies and what they felt to be their strongest digital marketing effort, a whopping 22% voted customer experience as the most exciting opportunity for the coming year.

And if that should be true, you need to up your customer case study game, like yesterday.

You need it properly formatted, mapped, backed up with data, numbers, and add other proofs. This will help increase trust.

Moreover, you can add a few testimonials for readability and added credibility.

What’s best is, these sweet babies fit right into your content marketing strategy perfectly. Of course, if they are mapped out into the plan properly.

Your Takeaway

Your customers are your biggest asset. Just think about it. Would you still have a profitable business if you didn’t have customers (or happy customers)?

And if you’re putting all the necessary efforts into marketing your business, then writing customer case studies based on experience working with you needs to be highlighted. You deserve that. Your business deserves that.

And while the benefits are many, the question is what are you doing TODAY to take the lead in this marketing trend and stay ahead of your competitors in the coming years? I know you have satisfied customers waiting to be interviewed and I hope all this talk has inspired you to craft their stories to your advantage.

Have you helped grow your business with customer case studies in the past? Has it proven effective? Let me know in the comments below. And please share if you think your friends or colleagues can benefit from this piece.

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