Freelance B2B Health Writer


I’m Hania, a Freelance B2B Health writer, Copywriter and content marketer, helping companies increase their brand awareness and nurture customer relationships through Blog Posts, Website Copy, Customer Case studies, Email Series, Landing & Sales Pages, Brochures, Video scripts, Press Releases, and more.

” Delivered perfect job. Great writing skills! “ — Gui Sales

How I dove into copywriting…

After the birth of my third child, I started looking for work-at-home avenues where I could leverage my expertise and channelize my education; Psychology and Advanced English Majors.

Fast forward to a few months later, I found myself discovering the realms of copywriting and absolutely finding my true life’s purpose!

Today, I live, eat, and breathe ‘Copywriting’. And while my Psychology major helps me uncover the hidden customer emotions, it is my English major that assists me tremendously in leveraging human psyche on paper, just the right way.

” Truly professional !!!! “ — Sanjay Suri

My writing niche; B2B Healthcare

At age 9, spending hours sifting through my father’s pharmaceuticals literature piled in the hallway of our 4-bedroom house, I was simply hooked.

Naturally, when I had to choose my writing niche, Healthcare was a no-brainer, really. To say that this complex yet intriguing industry chose me and not the other way round, won’t be an overstatement.

The most amazing part of writing for Healthcare is that every word, post, copy, and page I write, takes me one step closer to fulfilling my duty as a human towards my fellow Earthers 🙂

My business has taught me resilience, communication, and sometimes meeting unreal deadlines.

All of life’s skills, really!

My writing process…

Upon evaluating your marketing goals, I will decipher the efforts required so your company benefits from my writing full-scale. Whether you want:

  1. To organically increase your brand awareness {whitepaper, case studies, blog posts, etc.}
  2. To nurture your existing relationships with continual, useful content {blog posts, email series, etc.}
  3. Copy focused on capturing, engaging, and converting your prospects to clients {website copy, landing page, brochures, Case study, sales page, etc.}

I will help you zero-in on the challenges and provide appropriate measures and solutions for your marketing needs.

Few of my writing works…

  • Procurement, Logistics, and Contract Management of Medical Supplies and Equipment
  • Air Purification, Infection Prevention, and Isolation Equipment
  • Software Solutions for Inventory Management
  • B2B Web Content a Retail House displaying Beauty and Healthcare Brands
  • HVAC Systems for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities
  • Medical IT Software for the Saudi Government
  • Brochure for a Print and packaging Trade Exhibition
  • Web Copy for a Lost and Found Online Platform and Software
  • Video Script for B2B App for Financial Traders
  • B2B Email Series for a Healthcare Animation Videos’ Company
  • Blog posts on Ketogenic Diet, Natural Pain Management.

My passion to write for B2B health businesses will help you emerge and grow as an authority in front of your competitors.

To me, each client and their intimate needs are exclusive; organized and handled as my utmost priority.

” Perfectly written and very detailed. Fast and correct work. Great good!! ” — Scott Girardin

Want to get in touch? Email me if you like to Hire me or just to say HI. I’d like that very much 🙂

Email: hi@haniacopywriter.com