How I can Help You…

77% of B2B buyers think the buying process is time-consuming and painful. Provide useful content that makes your prospect’s buying process easier.

You want a qualified B2B writer for hire — one who writes copy and content built around the Pillars of Persuasion.

My content writing can help your business:

  • get more online visibility
  • build trust, credibility, and authority
  • engage customers
  • increase quality leads

My copywriting can help your business:

  • promote your product/service
  • increase customer conversions
  • leverage your USP effectively

As your B2B writer for hire, I can create varied marketing collateral to boost your business. This includes:

Website Pages – I build efficient website copy for an efficient business

Customer Case Studies – ‘Cause your customers’ stories are gold for your business

White Papers – Use this ‘hidden’ tactic to persuade your prospects

E-Books – Leverage these ‘Bait’ pieces to capture or boost lead generation

Content Marketing – Cut through the noise with relevant, high-quality B2B content

My exposure as a B2B writer for multiple industries helps me get your goals. So, no hand-holding or explaining what needs to be done and how.