The Industries I Work With…

With my copywriting services in:

  • HEALTHCARE – I help hospitals, doctors, healthcare facilities, and companies in healthcare IT, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals, increase patient engagement and sales.
  • EDUCATION – My copy works cohesively with the marketing goals of educational organizations to reach more prospects (parents and students), boost awareness and enrollments.
  • TEXTILE – My knowledge of Thread Counts and Core-Spun Yarn helps me craft effective copy for bedding, towels, clothing, and furnishing fabrics businesses.
  • HOSPITALITY – I assist hotels and restaurant chains, booking software companies, and travel agencies, gain more bookings and soar their revenues.
  • PROCUREMENT & SHIPPING – I write marketing copy for shipping in the medical, construction, and print & packaging sectors, boosting their leads and sales.
  • BUILDING & CONSTRUCTION SERVICES – I help contractors of wood, furniture, hardware, and home improvement projects, expand their brand reach and convert prospects to paying clients.