“Hania is skilled, energetic and has a number of years worth unique experience in editing and proofreading.
No matter the nature of your work or how it looks. Whether your manuscript is relatively well written or poorly written, Hania has a great quality to edit your book according to international standards. She was passionate, focused and always dedicated her time toward the success of my project. She has a great ability to fix any issue and polish the content to make it more eye-catching.
If you get a top editor like Hania, consider yourself blessed and lucky.
She is my favorite editor and comes with my highest recommendation.
I cordially request everyone around the world searching for a dedicated writer or editor to reach out to her. I am very grateful to God Almighty for granting me this chance to collaborate with Hania in my journey towards completing my book. I can never thank her enough.”

― Mustofa Getahun – Author